Ways to turn compound fertilizer into granules

When you have compound fertilizer, you usually need to combine materials and then crush them into powder in order to generate powder. That type of powder is great to use as fertilizer itself. But in some cases you do want to make granules from powder. SX Granules can be even more efficient and they help convey a very good result. Which makes you wonder, how can you achieve that? Here are the right ideas.

The compound fertilizer production line

The compound fertilizer production line

Using a powder granulator

The idea here is that once you have fertilizer powder, you use a granulator in order to generate the fertilizer granules that you need. Shunxin flat die pellet mill  is great because it helps eliminate any possible issues that might arise.

Rotating granulators

There are different types of granulators you can use. Rotating granulators are great because you add the materials into the disc and centrifugal force does its work. On top of that, the drum granulation can be quite helpful, although you can add some liquid in there just to ensure it all works exactly the day you want.

Rotary drum granulator of ShunXin

Rotary drum granulator of ShunXin

Stirring granulators

Such Stirring granulators use the powder of stirring, they have a very high speed stirring force. The fact that you get to mix all compounds and ensure it all works as expected is very important and it can actively help more than you would expect.

Extrusion force

This is a very special powder pelletizing equipment. What happens during granulating is that you have 2 roller sheets that press powders into some big tablets. There is also a crushing component. You do need to have some moisture, but it doesn’t need to be a whole lot.

The compound granules for plants

The compound granules for plants


As you can see, transforming powder to granules can take a bit, but there are pieces of equipment you can use to make that happen. The main focus is on delivering a great result, and the quality is second to none. It does take a bit of a trial and error to ensure you find the right system, but in the end it will help quite a bit and it will convey the right quality. That’s why this type of process is important, even if it involves extra machinery so you can do it right. More info please click:https://organicfertilizerproductionline.com/granulation-plant/

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