How to Produce Bentonite Granules?

The production of bentonite granules is a meticulous process that involves the transformation of raw bentonite into a more usable, granular form. This granulation process is essential for industries that rely on the unique properties of bentonite, such as its ability to absorb water and oil, making it a valuable component in various applications. Understanding the equipment and processes involved is crucial for anyone looking to start or optimize their bentonite granulation line.

Part 1: Machine Features and Raw Materials

To produce high-quality bentonite granules, it is crucial to understand the machine features and the selection of raw materials. The production line consists of several key components, such as the double roller extrusion granulator, horizontal mixer, and vertical crusher. These machines work together to create the perfect granules. The raw materials used in the granulation process can vary, including bentonite clay, organic binders, and additional additives. By experimenting with different raw materials, one can achieve the desired properties and characteristics of the bentonite granules.

Processing Many Types of Bentonite by Double Roller Granulator

Processing Many Types of Bentonite by Double Roller Granulator

Part 2: Configuring a Production Line

When setting up a production line for bentonite granules, it’s essential to consider various factors. In addition to the core machine, the double roller extrusion granulator, other equipment such as the horizontal mixer and vertical crusher can be employed to enhance efficiency and productivity. The horizontal mixer ensures a thorough mixing of the raw materials, while the vertical crusher helps in breaking down any lumps present. These additions improve the overall quality of the granules and streamline the production process. The reasons for recommending these equipment are their reliability, durability, and ability to handle large-scale production.

Double Roller Granular NPK Fertilizer Production Line

Double Roller Granular NPK Fertilizer Production Line

Part 3: The Granulation Process

The granulation process is a vital step in creating high-quality bentonite granules. It involves several stages, starting with the preparation of raw materials. The specific proportions of the raw materials are carefully measured and mixed in the horizontal mixer. After achieving a uniform mixture, the material is fed into the double roller extrusion granulator.

Inside the granulator, the double rollers press, compact, and dry the materials through the extrusion process. This process ensures that the bentonite granules maintain their shape, size, and integrity. The granules are then screened to remove any oversized or undersized particles, ensuring consistency in the final product.


In conclusion, producing bentonite granules requires careful consideration of machine features, raw materials, and the granulation process. By configuring a production line equipped with the double roller extrusion granulator, horizontal mixer, and vertical crusher, one can achieve efficient and high-quality granule production. These equipment choices contribute to the overall success of the granulation process, allowing for the creation of top-tier bentonite granules. As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, Yushunxin offers reliable equipment solutions for efficient bentonite granulation. You can visit:

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